Satellite Sewer Forms

Owner Notification Form

So that DHEC will have accurate information about the person responsible for each satellite sewer system in the state, the following form must be completed.

Satellite Sewer System Owner Notification Form

Reporting Overflows

Since 1998, DHEC has required the reporting of:

  • Any sanitary system overflow that reaches waters of the state
  • Overflows that exceed an estimated 500 gallons that don't reach water
  • Any overflow that may cause a public health or environmental concern.

Collection system operators that need to report Sewer System Overflows, use the following form:

Sewer System Overflow or Pump Station Failure Report Form

Public Notification of Overflows

In 2008, DHEC initiated a voluntary public notification program. Public and private utilities were asked to develop a program to notify the public whenever they had an SSO exceeding an estimated 5,000 gallons. Many utilities, including a lot of the major public utilities chose to participate, however, a number chose not to develop a notification program. DHEC has committed to providing notification when a utility does not.