Secondary Containment

(applies to all systems installed after May 23, 2008)

Examples of secondary containment:

  • Double-wall tank
  • Double-wall piping
  • Under-dispenser containment (dispenser sump )
  • Submersible turbine pump sump

Instances where secondary containment is now required:

  • Any new tank installation
  • Any new piping installation
  • Any new dispenser installation
  • A replacement tank
  • A replacement of an entire piping run
  • A replacement dispenser ( exception: a replacement suction dispenser where no change to piping occurs )
  • Piping repairs over a consecutive 12-month period that equals more than 25 percent of the existing piping run

Secondary containment systems must:

  • Contain all regulated substances released from a UST system until they are detected and removed.
  • Prevent a release of a regulated substance to the environment at any time during the operational life of the UST system.
  • Be monitored monthly for a release using interstitial monitoring.


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