Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) Analyses Certification

The Office of Environmental Laboratory Certification is now offering certification for Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) for EPA Method 8260B (1,4-dioxane), EPA Method 8270D (PAHs) and Pentachlorophenol. The use of the SIM mode will be acceptable when lower quantitation limits can not be achieved in the full scan mode. Certificates will reflect this certification using the SIM designation, e.g. EPA 8270D-SIM. False positives are more of a concern when using SIM analysis, so at a minimum, one quantitation and two qualifying ions must be monitored for each analyte (unless less than three ions with intensity greater than 15% of the base peak are available). Refer to Section 11.5.5 of EPA Method 8270D for additional guidance on performing SIM analyses.

If your laboratory wishes to seek certification for SIM analyses, an application must be submitted. All information listed on the application checklists must be submitted. (See our How to Apply Web page.)This would include the application, application fee, applicable SOPs, IDOC studies, MDL studies, and applicable initial calibration and calibration verification data for the MDL studies. A proficiency test (PT) will be required for the low level PAHs by EPA 8270D-SIM annually.

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