Standard Specifications for Wastewater Construction Permits


Streamlining Permitting. To avoid reinventing (or re-reviewing) the wheel, as the saying goes, permit applicants are encouraged to submit to DHEC standard specifications for review and approval. Having standard specifications on file with the Department greatly reduces the required paperwork and saves on the total permit time because the specifications do not have to be reviewed with each project submitted. Entities approved under the Department's Delegated Review Program are required to have a set of approved standard specifications on file. Specifications approved for specific projects are not considered "Standards". Each professional engineer that will be using the standard specifications must place their seal and signature on the title page and place their seal and signature on any revision.

How to Participate

Engineering firms and public entities may submit a copy of their construction specifications relating to wastewater collection systems to the Department, in duplicate, to review and have them approved as "Standards". Certain details (e.g., manholes) may also be included. Following this approval, no specifications will then be required on future project submittals as long as there are no changes made. If there are any additions, deletions, or revisions to the approved standard specifications for a particular project submitted, the professional engineer shall either submit three (3) copies of an addendum to the standard specifications covering the changes only, or shall submit three (3) complete copies of specifications for the project in question.

The submission of standard construction specifications should be made to one of the contacts given below at the following address:

Bureau of Water
SC Department of Health & Environmental Control
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Program Limitations

Standard specifications are only approved for projects that involve gravity sewer collection lines and force mains. A set of separate project specific specifications must be submitted for pump stations and wastewater treatment facility components.


Domestic projects: Bridget Clarke, PE, Construction Permitting Section, 803-898-4239
Industrial projects: Crystal Rippy, Manager, Industrial Permitting Section , (803) 898-3964