Stormwater Regulations


State Regulations

Learn more about the various State Regulations concerning Stormwater Management

EPA's Role

Learn more about the various Stormwater Rules and Notices presented by the EPA

Federal Regulations

Learn more about the various Federal Acts that may impact NPDES permitting

The Stormwater Regulations Section was designed to provide information on the regulatory side of the stormwater process. There are numerous regulations and acts that affect the stormwater permitting program and these regulations range form local policies up to federal acts. In this section, one will be able to navigate to and through the majority of the state and federal regulations concerning stormwater management.

The NPDES Permit Program is another topic covered under this section, and it is one of the main driving forces behind the majority of the mandated state and federal regulations. Under the federal NPDES Permit Program, stormwater discharges are labeled pollution sources and operators of these sources may be required to obtain an NPDES permit before they can discharge.

This NPDES Program was created through the authorities granted in The Clean Water Act , which was enacted by Congress and signed by the President to establish environmental programs. The basis behind this act is to protect the Nation's waters and directs EPA to develop, implement, and enforce regulations consistent with this law.

In addtion to The Clean Water Act, they are other laws, commonly called Acts, implement by other government agencies that may impact various aspects of The NPDES Permitting Program. An example of such an act would be the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) which may prohibit the issuance of NPDES coverage for activities affecting land or water use in coastal zones.

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