Electronic Filing Of Death Certificates Required

Certificates for deaths that occur in South Carolina must be filed electronically with the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.


In 2022, the South Carolina General Assembly passed S.C. H3325 which requires funeral homes and medical certifiers to complete, certify and file death certificates electronically.


The law provides only for an exemption when a family member is handling the disposition of the body for a friend or relative without compensation (called a "Natural Burial").  In such cases, the medical certification must still be submitted electronically.

How to Access Electronic Filing System & Training

Funeral directors and medical certifiers who have not previously used the DHEC electronic system to file death certifies will need to:

  • Obtain a user ID
  • Receive training on how to use the system to file death records.

You can click here to access the Web Deaths portal.

Call 1-803-898-3630 to request access and training. Our staff will gather basic information from you when you call, and a field consultant will follow-up to schedule your training and provide details.

For more information contact vitalrecords@dhec.sc.gov.


Web Death System Statewide