Webinar: Post Go Live Part II

Ask SIMON Post Go Live Part II


Questions & Answers from Webinar on Oct. 28, 2020 – Post Go Live Part II

1. Is there a way to “fix” the added but not administered if it was done by someone not at your facility?

No, you will have to put in a SIMON ticket for this to be followed up on from the SIMON team.

2. What if the vaccination was entered in historically or backloaded from SCIAPPS?

You will still have to put in a SIMON ticket for this to be resolved by the SIMON team.

3. Do we run the aggregate report or a report from our EMR?

Some providers will get the administered doses from the aggregate report in SIMON and some may get the administered doses from a report from their EHR.

4. What if your LogTag does not alarm and you do not realize there was a temp of 8.1 until you do the download on Monday?

Once you noticed that there was a temperature excursion you must notify the VFC program immediately. Vaccine temperatures are to be reviewed prior to administering any vaccines. This will ensure that the vaccine is not out of range.

5. Can we send a paper order for vaccines like we used to?

All orders must be submitted in SIMON.

6. If we do not have the approved DDLs, what is the time frame of reports that we will have to upload to the SIMON Help when submitting a vaccine order?

Weekly reports must be submitted

7. How do we get new staff access to SIMON?

New staff can request and account from the SIMON Login page

8. When I receive my flu vaccine how do I accept the order?

Flu vaccine must be manually added to your inventory in SIMON, you will not receive a link to accept.

9. Why can we not order state vaccines?

State vaccines must be ordered separate from the VFC order. You indicate in the clinic comment field that it is a state vaccine order. The funding source will default VFC or split.

10. How long does it take to get the return labels once the returns are approved?

A. Return labels are sent once a week. Please make sure you check your spam or junk folder as these can sometimes be sent to those folders.

11. How do we order more flu vaccine?

Supplemental flu forms will be sent to providers once it is available. No flu will be ordered inside of SIMON.