Groundwater Management Planning

South Carolina's Groundwater Resources

Where does groundwater come from?  Did you know that groundwater was once a raindrop or snow flake falling from the atmosphere to the Earth?  Water continually cycles from the sky to the earth, some taken up by plants, some returned to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. READ MORE

Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting & Capacity Use Areas

In designated areas of the state, a permit to withdraw and use groundwater is required.  Anyone who uses 3 million gallons or more in any month of the year, in these areas, is required to apply for a permit. READ MORE

Groundwater Management Plan Development

The responsible management of the state's water resources is beyond the scope of any one agency or organization and requires cooperation and shared responsibility amongst all agencies and water users.  Stakeholder involvement and feedback is critical to this process.  As part of the Capacity Use program, groundwater management plans will be developed for each area. READ MORE

Trident Capacity Use Groundwater Management Plan

The Department is drafting a groundwater management plan for the Trident Capacity Use Area. READ MORE


Previous studies by various agencies and entities provide a starting point for understanding the current status of groundwater availability, current and predicted demand. READ MORE