Vaccine Reimbursement FAQ

Hospitals, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), other COVID-19 vaccination providers who are enrolled and activated by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) are considered eligible COVID-19 vaccine providers.

In South Carolina, an eligible political subdivision partner, such as a county, municipality, school, utility our similar recognized government entities, must have a documented partnership with an enrolled and activated COVID-19 provider. Political subdivisions are encouraged to seek FEMA reimbursement directly when practical and feasible.

Organizations can visit DHEC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Provider page to access the link to the program enrollment form.

The COVID Coordination Office is not accepting new contracts at this time.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Agreement may not be changed in any way nor may an organization opt out of any requirements.

Eligible vaccination administration costs include and are limited to an amount per vaccination, depending on the services provided, and whether or not other reimbursement is received. The total per vaccination amount is $40.00.

Community vaccination events are special events scheduled for members of the community to increase accessibility to COVID-19 vaccinations. These events are not part of the routine business of the contractor and must be available to the general public, in accordance with current DHEC vaccine eligibility guidance, not just established patients of the contractor.

The primary point of contact will serve as the main point of contact between a provider and DHEC. The email address listed needs to be monitored routinely as it will serve as the main contact method for the DHEC COVID-19 Vaccination Reimbursement partnership.

Email notifications will include:

  • A confirmation email that DHEC has received your agreement and is starting the approval process.
  • When the agreement has been approved and signed by DHEC, you will receive an email confirming the agreement process has been completed along with a copy of the agreement.

A DHEC staff member will reach out to you if there are any questions concerning your agreement.

Yes. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specified that South Carolina and other jurisdictions can obtain valid signatures via electronic and typed methods.

Providers can provide DHEC with information about the upcoming community vaccination events by using the following link:

To submit invoices for reimbursement, please visit the following site:

All invoices must be submitted within either 30 days of signature of the contract or 30 days from the time that the community vaccination event occurred, or other cost was incurred. All invoices for the community vaccination event can be bundled in one PDF file. DHEC will process invoices twice per month following the first and the sixteenth of each month.

Providers must use the invoice calculator tool as the invoice documentation form for community vaccination events. A new file must be submitted for each event.

Yes. If you are not a registered vendor, please access the following link:

Once a vendor registration has been approved, an email notification will be sent within 24-72 hours.

Email to report any system issues, questions or concerns regarding the contract, or invoice reimbursement process.


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