Hurricane Dorian Update - Fri, September 6, 2019

Friday, September 6, 2019  
This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available. 

Hurricane approaching eastern coast of United States

This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available

In response to Hurricane Dorian, DHEC staff continue to actively assess and respond to public health and environmental needs across the state. For important information, please visit our hurricane preparedness page and visit the S.C. Emergency Management Division webpage.

Health Care Facilities

The Governor lifted the Mandatory Medical Evacuation Order at 10 a.m. today. DHEC has been continuously coordinating with all 175 coastal health care facilities that were impacted by the evacuation order, in order to ensure that all facilities are following appropriate reentry procedures. The facilities must contact both DHEC and their county’s emergency management authority in order to gain reentry into their respective locations.

As one of the necessary steps for reentry, facilities must conduct a damage assessment of their facility. If damage has occurred, including, but not limited to, any loss of power, flooding, and structural damage, facilities must contact DHEC so staff can help in resolving damage issues.

In total, up to 7,000 patients and residents were evacuated from health care facilities and are in the process of being returned to their respective facilities.

DHEC Care Line

DHEC’s Care Line call center is open to provide information and answer general questions about DHEC services: 1-855-4SC-DHEC (1-855-472-3432).

Avoiding Contact with Floodwaters & Standing Water

DHEC recommends minimizing contact with floodwaters and standing water because of several health and safety concerns, including the risk of:

  • Infectious and diarrheal diseases
  • Wound infections
  • Chemical hazards (gasoline, diesel and oil from vehicles)
  • Drowning
  • Animal, snake and insect bites
  • Electrical hazards (when returning to a flooded home, turn off the power at the breaker box so power isn’t restored while water is still present)
  • Sharp objects and uneven walking surfaces

For additional information, visit the CDC’s Flood and Standing Waters website.

Controlled Substances

DHEC authorized a statewide, one-time early refill of Schedule III-V prescriptions for valid refills that are due within the next seven days. Schedule II prescriptions can be refilled via oral authorization throughout the state from a prescribing practitioner in an emergency situation, as defined by regulation. Additional information is available here.

Special Medical Needs Shelters

As of Sept. 6, there are four special medical needs shelters open, and 295 phone calls have been made to our triage phone line.


DHEC staff conducted pre-storm assessments of more than 30 dams in areas that were predicted to receive five inches or more of rain. Today, staff conducted post-storm assessments of those dams to ensure they don’t pose a risk. No issues or breaches were observed.

Private Wells

If a well has been flooded, it needs to be disinfected and tested to make sure it’s safe. If a well wasn’t flooded, the water quality is the same as before the flood. Please see the Sept. 4 update for information about private well testing and disinfection or contact your local DHEC Environmental Affairs office for more information.

Drinking Water & Wastewater Facilities

Staff remain in contact with community drinking water systems and wastewater treatment facilities located along the coast regarding the status of their systems and support to their customers.

Coastal Resources

DHEC is beginning post-storm beachfront damage assessments through aerial surveillance. Beachfront damage can be reported to DHEC through the MYCoast application.

Storm Debris Disposal

To dispose of storm debris, please call the landfill in advance to ensure it's open and can accept the debris. More information is available here.

Shellfish Harvesting Closure

On Sept. 3, DHEC closed summer shellfish harvesting along the coast. This closure will be lifted once water quality data indicate bacteria levels are suitable for shellfish harvesting.

DHEC Office Closures

DHEC follows the closings and delays of county offices. The latest information on delays and closures can be found at or on local media.

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