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Updated May 13, 2024

The test reports submitted in response to DHEC’s original Order to Correct Undesirable Levels of Air Contaminants issued in May 2021 are lengthy and complex documents (see documents below). DHEC and EPA have reviewed the reports and requested clarifications and corrections where needed (see reports and response letters below). The reports required by the Orders currently in effect will be posted here once approved. 

There were two Orders issued to New Indy, one by DHEC under the authority of the South Carolina Pollution Control Act and the other by the US EPA under the authority of the Clean Air Act. 

The goal of both Orders was for the facility to identify H2S sources onsite that are contributing to the offsite odors and impact to the surrounding communities and to reduce emissions affecting offsite locations. 

EPA required documents are posted to the EPA H2S in South and North Carolina page. Questions about the EPA requirements or documents should be directed to Jason McDonald,, 404-562-9203

As a result of investigation and review of reports, documents and data, DHEC and New Indy reached agreement on specific actions that must be taken to continue to improve the wastewater treatment system, reduce air emissions and report progress. Elements of the Consent agreements and  required documents will be posted to this page as milestones are met. The table below lists the elements in each order, the date they are due, the date they are submitted and a status. Once final, the documents will be posted. 

  NPDES Consent Order - June 29, 2022
  Order Requirement Date Required Date Submitted Status
1  Submit plans and application associated with Construction Permits 18449-IW, 0098-IW and any additional construction to WWTF 8/13/22 8/12/22 Under Review
2 Begin construction  60 days from Permit to Construct issuance TBD  
3 Complete construction and request approval to Place into Operation No more than 3 years from issuance of Permit to Construct TBD  
4 Submit PER 10/27/2022 10/26/2022 Reviewed and commented 
5 Address comments and resubmit revised PER 12/25/2022   *Noncompliant
  Certify sludge, islands, and turbidity curtains removed and ASB No Less Than 6’ deep 12/31/2026    
  Certify Legacy sludge removed from EQ Basin 6/30/2023 6/22/2023 Met Requirement
6 Certify Revisions and update to O&M Manual 8/1/2022 7/29/2022 Met Requirement
7 Certify Revisions and update to BMP Manual 8/1/2022 7/29/2022 Met Requirement
8  Certify Revisions and update to Odor Abatement Plan 8/1/2022 7/29/2022 Met Requirement
  Inspection and Report to meet requirement 6, 7, and 8 Monthly inspection and Report Monthly Meeting Requirements
9 Order termination conditions      
10 Pay assessed Penalty 7/29/22 7/14/22 Met Requirement
Consent Order to Correct Undesirable Levels of Air Contaminants - November 23, 2022
  Order Requirement Date Required Date Submitted Status
1 Continue operation of three existing fence line H2S monitors.      Operational
2 Add two additional onsite monitors     Operating
3 Provide Plan for onsite TRS sampling and analysis 1/22/23 1/23/2023 Sampling Completed
4 Install New Primary Stripper      
  Submit construction permit application 3/23/23 3/23/23 Draft available for public review
  Order primary stripper Application submission +30d  4/19/2023 Met Requirement
  Start civil engineering preparation Air construction permit +30d    
  Start Installation and testing Receive stripper +30d    
  Stripper in Operation NLT 6/30/2025    
5 Existing stripper configured and maintained to operate independent of primary      
6 Provide notification of stripper downtime.     Current Practice
7 Maintain foul condensate ORP >0V if foul condensate routed to ASB     Current Practice
8 Maintain treatment and monitor condensate when directed to ASB     Current Practice
9 Operate WWT system consistent with WW Consent order     Ongoing
10 Maintain process to receive and respond to reports and notify downwind areas in an emergency and notify community of activities      Ongoing
11 Monthly reports regarding Odor implementation 1st business day of the month Requirement met Ongoing

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