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*Updated September 17, 2021

The stack test results report submitted on July 26, 2021 is a lengthy and complex document (see document below). DHEC has conducted an initial review of the report and is consulting with EPA.  The report will be further analyzed in combination with the condensate test results due next week to assess regulatory compliance.  After the review is complete, a summary of our assessment will be posted. 

The DHEC Order to Correct Undesirable Level of Air Contaminants requires New Indy - Catawba to provide weekly status updates on activities related to the Order. These and other documents issued from New Indy - Catawba will be posted here.

There are two Orders issued to New Indy, one by DHEC under the authority of the South Carolina Pollution Control Act and the other by the US EPA under the authority of the Clean Air Act. 

The goal of both Orders is for the facility to identify H2S sources onsite that are contributing to the offsite odors and impact to the surrounding communities and to reduce emissions affecting offsite locations. 

EPA required documents are posted to the EPA link. Questions about the EPA requirements or documents should be directed to Jason McDonald,, 404-562-9203

DHEC required documents are posted to this page once they are finalized.  The table below lists the documents, the date they are due, the date they are submitted and a status (“under review” or “final”).  Once final, the actual document will be posted. 

Document Listed in DHEC Order (5/7/2021) Found in
Public Notification Plan  1 5/17/2021  5/17/2021  Final
Submit Notice of Intent (NOI) to Conduct Performance Testing - Condensate Collection and Treatment   2 5/17/2021  5/17/2021  Under
Independent Evaluation Completed  3 6/1/2021  Report incorporated into CAP  
Submit on and offsite monitoring QAPPs   4 6/1/2021  6/1/2021  Under
Submit Stack Test Plan  5 6/1/2021  6/1/2021  Under
Submit Independent Evaluation Report 6 6/15/2021  6/15/2021 Under
Operation corrective action plan (CAP) with implementation schedule  6 6/15/2021 

Latest revision

Under Review
Submit WWTP (CAP)  7 6/15/2021 Included in CAP Under
Commence Stack Test  5 6/15/2021 Started
Delay allowed
Stack Test must be complete 5 6/30/2021 6/27/2021 Report under DHEC Review
(15 days after Stack Test) Conduct Air Modeling   5 7/15/2021 8/30/2021 Under
Complete Pulp and Paper NESHAP Tests  2 7/31/2021 8/30/2021* Under
Written Weekly Update on Implementation of Order 8 Fridays starting 5/14   Ongoing - posted below
 Unrestricted access   9 Ongoing    
Status updated 9/13/21

*Unredacted version received



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