Philip Services Corporation - Community Engagement

Community Engagement 

Community Engagement is an important component of the environmental cleanup process that provides us with valuable input from nearby communities and allows us to hear concerns and address questions. For communities that are impacted by a regulated facility, our Community Engagement activities often continue after our formal public comment period closes.  

As part of the environmental cleanup process, DHEC engages surrounding communities and the general public to:  

  1. Provide information about proposed environmental activities in communities;  
  2. Give community members and other interested parties an opportunity to bring relevant information to DHEC to consider; and  
  3. Provide an opportunity to bring other concerns to the attention of DHEC.  

DHEC values all comments received and is committed to addressing and considering all relevant information during a public comment period.   

Community Meeting - May 3, 2022

DHEC hosted a meeting to formally accept comments on the proposed legal settlement that identifies those responsible for funding and cleanup of soil/groundwater contamination at the former ThermalKEM Site on May 3, 2022 at 6:00 PM at the Oakdale Elementary School Cafeteria (1129 Oakdale Road - Rock Hill, SC)  All comments made during the meeting were recorded by a court reporter. 

DHEC also extended the period to accept written comments on the settlement until May 6, 2022. 

Community Meeting – March 22, 2022  

DHEC hosted a meeting to discuss the environmental cleanup and proposed Settlement for the Phillips Services Corporation (formerly known as the ThermalKEM Site) on March 22, 2022.

Public Comment Period  

The proposed Settlement and Consent Decree was open for public comment through May 6, 2022. The Settlement and Consent Decree, and other related documents are available below. 

Questions about the site may be directed to:  

Carol Crooks  
Phone: (803) 898-0810  


Gary Stewart  
Phone: (803) 898-0778  

Mailing List  

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