Philip Services Corporation - Environmental Reports

Philip Services Corporation (a/k/a ThermalKEM) Site—Environmental Reports

The documents listed below are key documents that relate to the assessment and investigation of contamination on the site, the evaluation and decision documents for cleanup alternatives, and recent reports regarding current site conditions. 

All documents are in the Department’s Bureau of Land & Waste Management Site File #51316 

Date Docket # Title
08/26/06 2723 DHEC's Proposed Plan Powerpoint Presentation
05/25/06 2631 DHEC's Phase 1 Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Work Plan
10/31/06 2655 DHEC's Revised Phase I Technical Memorandum & Phase II Work Plan
09/01/08 2696 DHEC's Remedial Investigation Report
[Appendices are voluminous and are available by request]
07/01/11 2712b DHEC's Feasibility Study Report
12/18/13 2719 PRP Group's Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) [thermal treatment remedy]
06/02/14 2720 PRP Group's Preliminary Design Investigation (PDI)
08/01/14 2722 DHEC's Proposed Plan [for site remediation]
06/22/16 2738 DHEC's Record of Decision (426 pages)
06/07/21   April 2021 Monitoring Report