Breathe Better (B2) for Businesses

As the population and the number of businesses grow, so does the volume of vehicles
on the roads and deliveries in a single day. This can be challenging for keeping the air in
South Carolina clean and safe.

South Carolina has clean air and is currently attaining all of the National Ambient Air
Quality Standards (NAAQS). These standards were established to protect public health.
Keeping emissions at a minimum will help keep South Carolina within the air quality
standards and protect public health.

Be a leader in your community by implementing air pollution reduction strategies:

  • Register to be a Breathe Better (B2) business. You will receive Anti-Idling signs that can go in your loading/delivery area.
  • Sign up for the EPA Air Quality Flag Program and display the corresponding air quality desktop sign in your place of business.
  • Create and support a telecommuting policy for your employees so they can work from home one or more days a week to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Create and support an alternative work schedule. A flexible work schedule allows your employees to stagger their work schedule to avoid driving in peak rush hour traffic.
  • Install a bike rack to encourage employees to ride a bike to work whenever possible. Biking instead of driving is good for the environment and your health.
  • Know the air quality forecast and encourage employees to stay in for lunch when the air quality is in unhealthy ranges.
  • Consider replacing and/or purchasing fleet vehicles that are hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles. 
  • Look for opportunities to reduce diesel emissions through reduction strategies and technologies. South Carolina Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grants are available for eligible applicants to help fund these types of projects.


Amy Curran