B2 Breathe Better Program Resources

Breathe Better (B2) Program Resources

This page contains many helpful resources for air quality information, lessons and activities.

Messaging Materials, Ant-idling Policies and Pledge Cards
Air Quality Lessons and Activities

Check out the following links for some classroom air quality activities:

  • Activities inspired by the Smithsonian's Atmosphere: Change is in the Air exhibit can be found here. Topics include (but are not limited to) atmospheric composition, particulate matter transport, and testing for ozone.
  • The EPA has collected and compiled a wide variety (K-12) of air quality lessons, activities and guides here.
  • DHEC has put together an Environmental Outreach Activity Book with fun activities related to air quality and other forms of environmental protection. Print it yourself or request hard copies from DHEC.
South Carolina Air Quality

Learn more about how South Carolinians are protecting our air quality.

  • The Spare the Air Awards recognize outstanding efforts to improve air quality across South Carolina. See what others have done and let us know about your exemplary projects!
  • South Carolina has several regional air quality coalitions, where public, private and citizen stakeholders come together in support of clean air. Learn more about the efforts to protect air quality in your community.
Air Quality Information

Here are some important fact sheets, health information and other guides related to air pollution.

Other School Programs
  • Green Steps Schools - This program encourages students to learn, do, and teach others through sustainable projects. The Breathe Better (B2) program is considered an outdoor air quality project.
  • Safe Routes - Organize safe walk- or bike-to-school days. Walking and biking reduces traffic and vehicle emissions. Do your share to Spare the Air!


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