Training Programs for Operators of Landfills & MSW Transfer Stations

2021 Schedule

Class 3 Landfill Manager Course: March 16-18, 2021 - Registration Open
Class 2 Landfill Operator Course: June 8-9, 2021
Class 3 Landfill Supervisor Course: October 19-21, 2021

Due to COVID-19 all courses will be held virtually again in 2021.  Registration information will be provided approximately one month prior to each course.

Class 3 Landfill Manager Certification Training Registration Information

DHEC’s Division of Compliance & Enforcement will be offering certification training for Class 3 Landfill Managers on March 16-18, 2021. Due to COVID-19, the training course will be offered via a virtual/on-line platform. Course materials will be sent via FedEx to participants prior to the start of the course.  Please provide a physical delivery address on the registration form.  Individuals must have access to a computer to participate in this course. 
To register, please download and complete the Class 3 registration (Form D-0781)

E-mail the completed form to Jessica Price at  Once a completed registration form is received, instructions on payment procedures for the registration fee will be provided.  The registration fee is $350 per person. 

The registration deadline is March 3, 2021.

DHEC offers professional training programs for operators of Class 2 Landfills, Class 3 Landfills, and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Transfer Stations.

The training programs:

  • Ensure that all solid waste facility operators are professionally trained and re-certified on a regular basis in order to stay up-to-date with changes in solid waste technology as well as changes in South Carolina's environmental laws and regulations;
  • Help improve the design and operational practices at landfills and transfer stations; and
  • Increase the operators' awareness of the impact on human health, safety, and the environment.

Class 3 Landfill Operators: Training Required

Supervision of the operation of a Class 3 Landfill shall be the responsibility of a qualified individual that has completed operator training courses and is certified pursuant to Regulation 61-107.14 Solid Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Operator's Certification. This regulation defines "operator" as any person, including the owner, who is principally engaged in, or is in charge of, the actual operation, supervision, and maintenance of an MSW landfill and includes the person in charge of a shift or period during any part of the day. Operators are classified in one of two categories:

  • "Manager" means the person(s) with the responsibility for the overall management of the facility.
  • "Supervisor" means the person(s) with the supervisory responsibility for a specific facility site or shift.

Participants who complete one of the Class 3 Landfill training programs and pass the written examination will be certified for 3 years. Renewal of the certification is required every three years and can be achieved by obtaining the required number of approved continuing education hours (fifteen for managers and six for supervisors) during each 3-year period.

Class 2 Landfill and Transfer Station Operators: Training Recommended

Even though training for operators of Class 2 landfills and transfer stations is not currently required by regulation, DHEC strongly recommends that all operators take advantage of these voluntary training opportunities.

When Are Training Courses Offered?

Class 3 Landfill Manager, Class 3 Landfill Supervisor, and Class 2 Landfill Operator training is offered annually. Transfer Station Operator training is offered on an as needed basis.

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