Bennett's Landfill – Community Information

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DHEC's role is to protect public health and the environment in South Carolina. DHEC is aware of the concerns that many residents have expressed about how the landfill fire is impacting their lives. DHEC will continue to work closely with the Mayor of Lockhart for assistance in distributing information and meeting with local residents to hear their concerns first‐hand.

On April 23, 2015, the EPA and DHEC held a community meeting to discuss the landfill fire and the impacts to nearby residents, including assessment of the fire, air monitoring results, and the resources needed to address the fire. At the meeting, the EPA informed the community that it would seek federal funds to address the fire and asbestos waste located at the landfill. Community members shared many concerns related to safety and health impacts potentially resulting from the fire. While DHEC cannot offer medical advice, DHEC's Upstate Medical Director is available to discuss health concerns related to the smoke with health care providers. Residents can ask their personal health care provider to contact DHEC's Upstate Medical Director at (864) 372-3131.

DHEC provides daily (Monday - Friday) air quality forecasts to inform residents of weather conditions that affect smoke levels in Lockhart. These forecasts are available each afternoon for the following day or weekend.

Call 1-888-815-3509 to receive the most updated smoke forecast for Lockhart.

Community members may also request to receive the smoke forecast via email by contacting Richelle Tolton , DHEC Community Liaison.

Community Updates:

DHEC and the EPA are committed to keeping local communities informed about work at the landfill. This web page will be updated as future information is available. Additional information can also be found on EPA's Website on Bennett's Landfill.


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