Critical Area Permitting - Permit Extensions & Transfers


State regulations require a permit holder to complete work within five years from the date of permit issuance. However, DHEC OCRM may extend this five-year period upon showing of good cause indicating that due diligence toward completion of the work has been made, evidenced by significant work progress. The permit holder must request an extension in writing to DHEC OCRM prior to the permit's expiration date. If an extension is granted, work should continue and be completed as expeditiously as possible. Expired permits may not be extended. Please see Permit Extension Guidelines for additional information. 


A permit may be transferred if the permit is still active. Please visit ePermitting to apply online. Both parties are required to sign this form. Once the application is complete, the Department will transfer the permit to the new permittee and the new permit holder will be responsible for all conditions prescribed under the original permit.