Critical Area Permitting - Major Activities

Major development activities include any construction activity that is not defined as minor activity (e.g. bridges, boat ramps, marinas, dredging, community docks, commercial facilities, etc.).

Due to the complex nature of these types of projects, a pre-application meeting with a Critical Area Project Manager is highly encouraged before submitting a critical area permit application.

Applicable Regulations

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Fee Schedule

Permit Type Fee

Minor Permit for private docks with walkways 101' and longer


Minor Permit for private docks with walkways 100' or less

Minor Permit for erosion control structures (non-beachfront) $250
Minor Permit for additions to docks not covered under the general permit (boat storage dock, floating jet dock, etc.) $250
Dock General Permit $100
Major Permit $1,000
Minor Permit Transfers and Extensions $25
Major Permit Transfers and Extensions $100
Minor Permit Amendment $100
Major Permit Amendment $1,000


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