The Expedited Review Program

You May Qualify for a Faster Permit Review

The Expedited Review Program (ERP) for Stormwater Permitting became effective on November 1, 2006. The mission and goal of ERP is to have a project reviewed no later than 10 business days after its chosen review date. The projects chosen for the expedited review program will be placed in a separate line from the normal review projects.

"Projects located in coastal counties ( Charleston, Berkeley, Beaufort, Colleton, Jasper, Horry, Georgetown, and Dorchester ) require a consistent coastal zone consistency determination from DHEC's Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management ."

Legislation (Section 44-1-165 of S.1263) was passed that allows the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (the Department) to pilot an Expedited Review Program (ERP).

Applicants desiring consideration for the expedited review program should indicate by checking the box above Item # I on DHEC Form 2617 (7/2006)- Notice of Intent for discharges from Large and Small Construction Activities, NPDES General Permit SCR100000.

For any questions on ERP, or if you are unable to download any of this information, call the Department at 803-898-4300.

Construction Activities

Expedited Fees

0 - 10 Acre Project $5,000.00
10.1 - 50 Acre Project $7,500.00
50.1 Acres and Above $10,000.00
Design Guidance

Stormwater Contacts

A list of State Regulators whose primary responsibility involves Stormwater Discharges.

Regulated MS4s

Final Stabilization

Information on when a construction site has reached completion status.

Expedited Fees

All Owner/Operators will have already paid the normal $125 NPDES fee plus the $100 per disturbed acre fee (with a maximum of $2000). The expedited fee is in addition to the normal permitting fees.

The Expedited Review Agreement and Fee Schedule (along with the appropriate fee) must be submitted to the Department no later than the SWPPP Preparer's arrival at 1:00 p.m. on the project's review day.

The Expedited Schedule

Expedited Review Timetable


Review Schedule Attendance

Deadline for project to be considered for ERP

Tuesday by 5 PM (#)


Random Selection



Notification of Selection to Program

Thursday Afternoon


Review #1
Review #2


Department Review Staff

Review #1 Meeting
Review #2 Meeting

Monday @ 1:00(*)(**)
Tuesday @ 1:00(*)(**)

SWPPP Preparer and Department Review Staff

Additional Information Due

48 hours after Review Meeting


Additional Information Due #2 Meeting (if necessary)

Close of next business day

SWPPP Preparer and Department Review Staff

(All Requests Must have an administratively complete NOI)
* Must have payment and acceptance letter in hand at this time.
** May be pushed back one day due to state holidays.

Important Criteria & Terms

Expedited Review Terms



Deadline to be Considered

The deadline to be considered for that week's random selection is by 5 PM on Tuesday of each week. The application must be administratively complete to be considered for that week's random selection.

Random Selection

The random selection will take place on Thursday and will consist of all projects that indicated they wished to be considered for ERP and met the 5 PM Tuesday deadline for submitting the project.

Notification of Selection to Program

The notification will take place by Thursday afternoon. The Project Owner/Operator and/or SWPPP Preparer will be notified. A written letter will be mailed and faxed to the Owner/Operator as well. The Owner/Operator or SWPPP Preparer will have 1 hour to verbally accept or reject their acceptance to the ERP.


The review will take place on Monday for Review #1 and Tuesday for Review #2. The review staff will have until 1:00 p.m. to review the project and have a review letter drafted for the SWPPP Preparer.

Review Meeting*

The review meeting is always scheduled at 1:00 p.m. on the day of the review. The SWPPP Preparer must be present. The project Owner/Operator can attend if he/she desires. The meeting cannot begin until payment is presented to cover the expedited review. At this time, the SWPPP Preparer will also deliver the letter accepting the terms of the Standard Operating Procedures.

Additional Information Meeting(s)

If an additional meeting or additional information is needed, the Owner/Operator and/or SWPPP Preparer must have all information to the Department within 24 hours. It will be assumed that all consultants must be present unless the Department notifies the Owner/Operator the consultant is not needed.  This meeting follows the same format as the Review Meeting.

*At the review meeting, the Division will present a written request for additional information, and will orally review this request with the Owner/Operator and/or SWPPP Preparer.  This process allows an open discussion of the project, and simple changes can be made to the package to alleviate concerns and correct deficiencies.  Deficiencies that cannot be addressed in the review meeting must be submitted to the Division within 48 hours of the review meeting.

If the additional information is not given to the Department by the deadline, the application will be returned as incomplete by certified mail/return receipt requested (Division will retain the express fee) for failure to submit the additional information fee within the stipulated timeframe.

Any requested information not submitted within 48 hours will automatically result in defaulting out of the ERP for that project. Requests for extensions will be considered, but must be done so in writing with a reasonable explanation of why an extension is needed.

If the SWPPP Preparer is worried about meeting the deadline through express mail, the Department recommends either hand delivering the revisions or having the express carrier notify the Department by email at .


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