All NPDES permit coverages associated with construction activitivities are granted for a period a 5 years with the possibility of extending this period to the end of the current Construction General Permit (CGP). Currently, all approved Extensions will be granted coverage under the current CGP through August 31, 2011, which is the date the 2006 CGP is set to expire.

Extension requests not submitted prior to the permit's expiration date will be required to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Department to obtain coverage under the most recent version of the NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Large and Small Construction Activities (CGP). If the CGP has not been re-issued by this date, your permit extension will continue until the Department has issued a new CGP.

All approved Extensions are only applicable for the plans that were approved by S.C. DHEC or by an affiliated permitting entity (MS4s, Delegated Program). Any additional construction or land disturbing activity beyond the scope of the approved plans is not authorized. Any future work for this project not shown on the stamped, approved plans will require that you submit another site plan for review and approval.

While a project is still under coverage, even if during the extension period, the completion of the project (final stabilization) will require the applicant to submit a Notice of Termination (NOT), DHEC form 2610 (pdf), to cancel the project's coverage under the CGP.

Extension Request Requirements

  • A statement signed by the owner requesting an extension which includes the following information:
  • Name of Project
  • State File # or NPDES Permit #
  • Original Signature of Owner
  • List of any Compliance or Enforcement Actions Associated with Permit
  • Original Permit Date
  • Original Permit Expiration Date
  • All Extension Requests should be submitted to the S.C. DHEC or the proper Permitting Authority of the Project. Please see Where To Apply for more information.
  • All Requests must be received by the proper Permitting Authority prior to the permit's expirations date.


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