eWIC Info for the WIC Authorized Vendor

eWIC processing will be coming to your store by the year 2020! eWIC is an electronic system that replaces paper checks with a card for food benefit issuance and redemption at authorized WIC stores. The benefits of eWIC for your store includes: 

  • It is easier to use and more secure than paper checks
  • Only one card is needed per WIC family
  • The store checkout process is faster
  • Vendor staff training is reduced as WIC approved foods are identified by UPC/PLU codes. 
  • It provides faster payment to the vendor

SC WIC staff will be providing more information to WIC vendors as the implementation date approaches. 

How does eWIC help WIC vendors? 

Stores can expect: 

  • an easier, quicker and more secure checkout 
  • faster payment
  • fewer checkout errors
  • reduced vendor staff training 

Where can I find the WIC approved products list (APL)? 

To find the APL, click here. The WIC food products specifications brochure contains the criteria and guidelines used to approve WIC foods. 

How do I apply for authorization as a WIC store? 

For more information on becoming a WIC authorized vendor, contact the Vendor Management Agency in your area at (800) 922-4406 or download the WIC Vendor Manual (pdf)

Commonly used terms 

Integrated Cash Register System:

  • An integrated system involves one card reader at the cash register that can process credit/debit cards, SNAP and eWIC. All large chain stores already have integrated systems.  
  • WIC foods do not need to be separated from non-WIC foods when stores have integrated cash registers because the cash register "knows" which items can be paid for with the eWIC card vs SNAP, etc. 
  • The cashier rings up the foods and the cash register deducts only the WIC- allowed foods from their household benefits. Then, if non-WIC foods are also being purchased, those foods can be paid for by another form of payment (e.g. SNAP, debit, credit, or cash). 

Stand-Beside Terminal: 

  • A stand-beside device is a card reader specific to the WIC card. Most stand-beside terminals also accept SNAP EBT cards, but they will not accept credit or debit cards. 
  • WIC foods must be separated from non-WIC foods.
  • The participant must notify the cashier they are using a WIC card, swipe their card and enter their PIN before foods are scanned. 


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