How to Locate a Septic Tank


The process to locate a septic tank on property varies by the year a home was built and whether a copy of the septic permit is available. Please select the scenario below and follow its guidance. 

For homes built in the last five (5) years or less

Contact the local DHEC office to see if they have a copy of your septic tank permit on file.

Provide as much of the information below to speed up the search:

  • Tax map number
  • Lot number
  • Block number
  • Physical address
  • Date system was installed or home was built (if known)
  • Name of original permit holder (if known)
  • Subdivision name (if located in a subdivision)

Any person or organization—whether they own the property or not—can submit an Onsite Wastewater System Application (D-1740) through the ePermitting Portal


For homes older than five (5) years or if a copy of the septic permit was not able to be located.

Please contact a licensed septic contractor to visit the property and assist in identifying the existing septic system. A list of licensed septic installers can be found here


Septic Septic Tank Alerts