X-Ray Report of Change

Facilities must report to the Department, within thirty (30) days, any changes of status affecting any x-ray machine or facility. Changes that must be reported include, but are not limited to:

  1. Name change. (If name change is the result of a change in ownership, Form DHEC 0845 “Faciilty Registration Approval Request Form” with fee must be submitted.)
  2. Relocation/Address Change.
  3. Change of Facility Contact information.
  4. Change of Billing Contact information.
  5. Change in Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

*Equipment changes should be reported on Form DHEC 0819 “Registration and/or Deletion of X-ray Producing Machines”.
Report of change status must be made on Form DHEC 4262 “Report of Change”.



Facilities Health Regulations & Licensing X-Ray Facilities