Archived Watershed Water Quality Assessments

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) Watershed Program helps facilitate solutions to water quality issues within the State. The program traditionally shared extensive water quality data and watershed information through the Watershed Water Quality Assessments (WWQAs) which were produced every five years for each major basin. As of 2016, the Watershed Assessments have been replaced by the S.C. Watershed Atlas.

Edisto 1995 Edisto WWQA 1998 Edisto WWQA 2004 Edisto WWQA 2012 Edisto WWQA
Salkehatchie 1993 Salkehatchie WWQA 1997 Salkehatchie WWQA 2003 Salkehatchie WWQA 2010 Salkehatchie WWQA
Santee 1996 Santee WWQA 1999 Santee WWQA 2005 Santee WWQA 2013 Santee WWQA
Catawba 1996 Catawba WWQA 1999 Catawba WWQA 2005 Catawba WWQA 2012 Catawba WWQA
Pee Dee 1997 Pee Dee WWQA 2000 Pee Dee WWQA 2007 Pee Dee WWQA 2015 Pee Dee WWQA
Saluda 1995 Saluda WWQA 1998 Saluda WWQA 2004 Saluda WWQA 2011 Saluda WWQA
Savannah 1993 Savannah WWQA 1997 Savannah WWQA 2003 Savannah WWQA 2010 Savannah WWQA
Broad 1998 Broad WWQA 2001 Broad WWQA 2007 Broad WWQA