Biweekly Flu Vaccination Data

As part of statewide monitoring of the current flu season (2023-2024), DHEC will provide flu vaccination numbers every other Wednesday, beginning Jan. 4 The influenza vaccination remains one of the best ways to prevent hospitalization and death from the flu.

Flu Vaccination by Age

Flu Vaccination Coverage by Age, Table-5-8-2024

Source: Statewide Immunization Online Network (SIMON) Dosage Report, DHEC South Carolina Community Assessment Network (SCAN) Population Data
1) Immunization providers are required to submit immunization administered data within ten (10) business days of administration. Doses may have been administered during this period but not reported to SIMON.
2) Coverage rate is an estimate calculated from SCAN population data of 0-17 yrs, 18-64 years, and 65+ yrs age groups and may not reflect a fully accurate coverage estimate due to slight differences in age groups of available data.

Biweekly Flu Vaccination Data

Flu Vaccination Coverage Estimates

Flu Vaccination Coverage by Age, Graph-5-8-2024


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