About WIC

About WIC


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What is WIC?

WIC is a nutrition program that provides health education, healthy foods, breastfeeding support, and other services free of charge to South Carolina families who qualify.

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What does WIC Offer?

By joining WIC, you are becoming part of a team that will help provide you with the tools and support you need to make healthy choices for you and the ones you love.

WIC provides:

  • Monthly benefits to buy healthy food
  • Personalized nutrition information and support
  • Breastfeeding support, including one-on-one counseling with a mother who has breastfed
  • Referrals for services that can benefit the whole family
  • Immunization screening and referral
  • Infant formula support
  • Nutrition and health classes on a variety of topics including meal planning, caring for a new baby, shopping on a budget, and more.


Broken down by cost, WIC services can be valued at over $300 a month.

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Who is WIC For?

If you are a father, mother, grandparent, foster parent, or other legal guardian of a child under 5, you can apply for WIC for your child.

If you currently receive Medicaid, TANF, or SNAP, you already meet the income eligibility requirements.

To qualify for WIC services, participants must:

  • Meet the income guidelines
  • Be a child under 5, a new mom, or a pregnant or breastfeeding mom
  • Live in South Carolina
  • Have a nutritional need that can be helped by WIC food and nutritional counseling


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What is eWIC?

Your eWIC card is like a debit or credit card. You can use your eWIC card to buy WIC-approved foods at authorized stores. Your local WIC office will add your family's benefits to your eWIC account. Learn More.

eWIC Card

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How Can I Apply?

  1. Use our online pre-application to see if you're eligible, or
  2. Call 1-855-472-3432 to make your appointment. Your appointment can be in-person or over the phone. WIC even has walk-in hours!


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What Do I Need to Apply?

To apply for WIC, you will need:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Income
  • Measurements & Bloodwork


Get specific details on what you need to apply for WIC.

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