Johnson Controls Facility - Hazardous Waste Permit

Hazardous Waste Permit

Johnson Controls received a hazardous waste permit from DHEC on October 14, 2010. This permit allows Johnson Controls to store incoming spent lead-acid batteries prior to recycling. The recycling process will produce several products including: lead ingots (to produce new lead-acid batteries), sodium sulfate crystals (to be sold for use in detergent and other products), and polypropylene (to produce new battery casings).

The sealed batteries will be stored in a warehouse on-site. The warehouse will be constructed to prevent the release of hazardous constituents to the environment. The concrete floor of the warehouse will be sealed with an epoxy coating and the entire warehouse will be built over a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner.

The hazardous waste permit includes, for example, requirements for personnel training, a contingency plan, record-keeping, site inspections and reporting to DHEC. It does not regulate the recycling process or other non-hazardous waste activities at the facility. The hazardous waste permit is effective for 10 years.

Below are links to the hazardous waste permit and related documents. All documents linked below are in pdf format.


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