Johnson Controls Facility - Overview

This website is dedicated to providing environmental permitting, testing, and monitoring information about Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc. - Florence Recycling Plant (Johnson Controls). Here you will find recent air emission stack test results and lead monitoring data.

We have also included information on the Hazardous Waste and Air Quality permits, as well as the contact information for DHEC staff who can provide additional information. This website was created by DHEC and is being maintained in accordance with a  settlement agreement between Johnson Controls, League of Women Voters of South Carolina, Coastal Conservation League and DHEC.

The lead acid battery recyling plant will be located in Florence, SC. The facility will consist of battery breaking, separation, melting, smelting, refining and casting. The facility will produce approximately 17 tons per hour of lead ingots. These webpages will provide the testing and monitoring results as they become available. 

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