Why is SCI Registry being replaced with SIMON?

SCI Registry does not meet stage 3 Meaningful Use requirements and does not fully support bidirectional immunization reporting. SCI Registry does not keep up with changing vaccine schedules and recommendations from CDC. SIMON is compatible with all web browsers and devices. Over 100 new reports and a customized reporting tool will be available to SIMON users. To learn more about the SIMON features and the project background, take a look at the SIMON infographic.

What will it cost providers to use SIMON, the new Immunization Information System (IIS)?

DHEC will not charge providers to use SIMON. There could be a cost associated with connecting with an IIS. The division recommends immunization providers contact their EHR vendor to determine any cost that might be associated with connecting to and maintaining the IIS. Providers that do not have an EHR will follow the same manual procedures when sending records and will incur no cost to do so.

Will user have new usernames/logins for SIMON?

If you are already a user of the current system, you will receive an encrypted email closer to Go Live with your username and password. New users to the system will need to request access to SIMON by clicking on the “Request User Account” link on the SIMON Login page.

Will there be a training environment for the users to practice in prior to Go Live?

Yes, more information will be given once the training environment is available.

Will SIMON update my EHR patient's address if it is changed in SIMON?

No, SIMON will not make changes in the EHR to the patient’s address. However, your EHR will update the patient address in SIMON if your EHR is submitting HL7 messages in SIMON.

Will we need to document the immunizations in both our EHR and SIMON?

You will only need to enter the immunizations directly into SIMON if your EHR does not have an HL7 interface with SIMON.

Should all vaccines currently in the system flow over to SIMON from our EHR?

Yes, all administered and historical vaccines should transfer over to SIMON if your EHR has HL7 connectivity and you are currently submitting via HL7.

If you search for a patient and they are not in SIMON, do we need to manually create them in SIMON?

If you are not using an EHR that transmits data via HL7, then you will need to create the new patient in SIMON. If you are submitting data via HL7, then your EHR will create the new patient for you in SIMON.

Will SIMON allow batch uploads of immunization records?

No, due to Meaningful Use requirements, all HL7 providers will need to be connected to the system in real time via HTTPS. Batch uploads will not be allowed with SIMON.

Is VFC Enrollment delayed this year?

Yes. VFC enrollment will occur after SIMON Go-Live. More information will be shared later about when it will happen.