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Top 5 SIMON Benefits

The Top Reasons We’re Excited about SIMON

DHEC’s Immunization Division is excited about the benefits that the Statewide Immunization Online Network, (SIMON), will bring to the medical community in South Carolina. View the link below to learn more about the new Immunization Information System (IIS) and what we are most excited about!

  1. Meets the requirements for stage 3 meaningful use.
  2. Improves VFC provider experience with simplified enrollment and online vaccine ordering.
  3. SCI Apps will be replaced with the Statewide Immunization Online Network (SIMON). .
  4. Provides EHR vendors streamlined HL7 onboarding functionality to test and validate messages.Communicates seamlessly with provider EHR through bi-directional messaging.
  5. Generates provider-level immunization coverage reports for quality improvement efforts.
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View the Top 5 SIMON Benefits (PDF)

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New System Features

  • Vaccine management functionality including inventory, ordering, transfers, wastage, and storage unit features.
  • Brand-new data quality features which ensures a more reliable system is maintained.
  • Reminder recall feature to identify providers patients who are due or late for immunizations.
  • Upgraded reporting capabilities for clinicians including provider site, region and population characteristics.
  • Enhanced electronic exchange with EHR systems including forecast feature.
  • HL7 onboarding which allows providers to validate and submit messages before being promoted to an active HL7 test facility.
  • Vaccine deduplication features that help consolidate records from multiple providers into a single record for each patient.


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 SIMON Supports the Entire Immunization Partner Community

  • Private clinics - The new system will satisfy VFC requirements for quality improvement, reporting, and monitoring activities (AFIX/IQIP).
  • School Nurses - School nurses will be able to group students and access reporting tools. Status reports will continue to be submitted through a separate system.
  • Local Public Health Agencies and VFC Providers - If you have an HL7 interface with SIMON and are an electronic inventory user, your inventory will auto-decrement when you administer a vaccine. You will no longer need to manually track or reconcile your inventory list.
  • EHR vendors - You will be able to onboard your clients within the application with minimal wait times. The new SIMON has an HL7 onboarding module to test and validate messages.