Submittal Package and Where to Apply

Dams and Reservoirs Safety Program Submittal Package and Where to Apply Submittal Package complete submittal package for a new dam consists of the following:

  1. a completed permit application;
  2. a site location map;
  3. plans and specifications;*
  4. a design report which includes calculations prepared by an engineer licensed to practice professional engineering in the state of South Carolina.*  and
  5. for a high or significant hazard dam, an emergency action plan.

    * Note: For farm pond dams, the Department accepts designs done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) instead of a professional engineer, but there is no obligation on the part of the NRCS to provide this service. NRCS normally limits their participation to work on small low hazard structures. Contact your local NRCS representative and determine if their design services might be available if you are planning a small farm pond dam.

The submittal package for an alteration or removal permit consists of the following:

  1. a completed permit application;
  2. design report with gives the complete description of the proposed work and all calculations;
  3. plans and specifications; and
  4. a site location map.

Where to Apply

A complete submittal package should be submitted to the :

Dam Safety Program
Bureau of Water
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Telephone # (803) 898-4300


Dams & Reservoirs Environment Submittal Package