Recreational Waters - Commonly Asked Fee Questions

For complete fee information please refer to R.61-30, Environmental Protection Fees

When are my annual operating permit fees due?

Operating permit fees are due by February fifteen (15) of each calendar year and are considered delinquent if not received by March fifteen (15) of each calendar year. A 10 percent (10%) late fee will be assessed on March fifteen (15) and an additional 25 percent (25%) late fee will be assessed on April fifteen (15) for all delinquent fees.

Do I have to pay my fees if I am not going to open for the present year?

No. Written notification must be made to the Department stating that you will not be open for the present season. Also, If the pool is closed for six (6) months or longer, the pool must be covered, cleaned, and secured with a fence to prevent access of foreign material, animals, and humans.

What are the fees for a construction permit?

Type "A", "B", "C", "D", and "F" Pools - $400 plus $0.50 per square foot of surface area

Type "E" Pools - $1,000 per flume (including minimum required design landing area) or water course, to include water slide. Additional area above minimum required landing area and all other Type "E" pools will be charged according to fees listed above.

The Department may collect an additional $250 from the owner for each repeat final inspection that is required due to incomplete construction or construction that is not in accordance with permitted plans and specifications.

How much are annual operating permit fees?

Type "A", "B", "C", "D", "F": $125 for the first pool on a property plus $100 for each additional pool

Type "E": $125 per flume or water course

When the final inspection is complete, are the annual operating fees due at that time? No. After the final inspection is complete, a permit will be issued for the present year. Fees will not be due until January of the next year.

Contact the Recreational Waters Program Manager

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