Swimming Pools - Change Orders

Are you thinking about renovating that old public swimming pool? Are you building a new pool and want to make changes from the approved construction plans? If you answered "yes" to either of the questions, than a change order may be required.

Public Swimming Pool Regulation 61-51 requires written notification to SCDHEC prior to making changes from originally approved pool plans and specifications. This notification is called a change order request and must detail any modifications to be performed at your facility. Typical request submittals are short descriptive paragraphs, sketches, revised construction plans, or a combination of the above. Once you request is received, it is reviewed by a department engineer to ensure that the proposed changes meet current regulation standards. For example, proposed changes to a deck area or recirculation system permitted under less stringent regulations may be required to conform with the current standard. Once the engineer's review is complete, a response letter will be sent stating whether the request was approved or denied. If your request is approved, this letter will serve as authorization to make the proposed changes. If your request is denied, the letter will explain the basis for the denial and may request additional information for further review.

Change order requests for new pool construction may require the submission of revised drawings which accurately depict the layout of the facility as it is to be constructed. These drawings are required for all proposed piping and equipment location changes that cannot be easily noted on the original plans or addressed through a letter. Revised plans must be signed, sealed, and dated by a professional architect or engineer registered in the State. Drawings must be received and approved before the Department can sanction the change.

Please send all email concerning change orders to:
T. Starr Schrenker at 803-898-4020
Ashlee Hurt at 803-898-3818


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