Webinar: SIMON Basics

SIMON Basics


Questions & Answers from Webinar on June 24, 2020 – SIMON BASICS

1. Will the certificate no longer auto-populate site information?

The certificate will automatically populate the provider facility name, address and telephone number.

2. What do I do for private vaccines?

You may enter private vaccine inventory in the system

3. Will SIMON calculate for 2 dose series for HPV versus 3 dose series for HPV?

Vaccines will be recommended based on CDC logic.

4. Will staff use the same sign in and password from SCIAPPS?

No. SIMON username and password credentials will be different than SCIAPPS.

5. Is there a way to flag multiple records for the same patient for merging? Example: Miss Smith gets married. When we look up her record we notice two accounts, one with her old name and one with her married name. How could we get them merged for the patient?

Under Patients, select Duplicates. Then, search for duplicate. Click “Add To Duplicates” to mark record as a duplicate. Continue this process to mark all duplicates.

6. Are we able to edit name changes?

User can edit name. However, if the name change is the result of a closed adoption, the court order must be sent to SIMON@dhec.sc.gov. Immunization Division staff will process the adoption which will result in the birth name patient’s removal from SIMON.

7. Will we be able to print a certificate from our EMR system or only from Simon?

Providers who desire to replicate the SC Certificate of Immunization, DHEC 4024, will need to make a request to the division via SIMON@dhec.sc.gov. The provider will be given guidance on how to replicate the certificate in the provider’s electronic health record (EHR). Once the provider has prepared the replication example generated from EHR, the example must be submitted to the division via SIMON@dhec.sc.gov for approval. Once approved, the provider will receive an approval code to enter on the replicated certificate.

8. Are we able to log immunizations we give without utilizing the inventory feature?

If the provider is Inventory Tracking Type 3 (participating in the VFC program), they will not be able to log immunizations for a patient without first entering doses on-hand into the Inventory module. If they are a Type 1 provider non-inventory tracking (not apart of the VFC program) then, yes they will be able to log immunizations without an inventory feature.

9. Do we still need to enter if patient's mother refuses vaccine?

You may enter refusals if you desire to capture this information in SIMON

10. What if a patient received extra doses due to an error? Will there be a field for the extra dose?

Invalid doses will be noted as invalid

11. Does SIMON allow us to report reportable disease?

No. Reportable diseases are submitted to Division of Acute Disease Epidemiology (DADE).

12. Is this required for nursing home patients for pneumonia and flu vaccines?

Yes. Pursuant to SC Regulation 61-120, all immunization providers in South Carolina must report all administered vaccines to SIMON.



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