Groundwater Capacity Use Areas - Waccamaw

Capacity Use Program: Waccamaw

On June 22, 1979, the South Carolina Water Resources Commission declared the whole of Georgetown County and Horry County as the Waccamaw Capacity Use Area (Waccamaw Area). The Waccamaw Area was the first of the six currently declared Capacity Use Areas in South Carolina.

Groundwater Management Plan

The Waccamaw Area plan will guide the initial groundwater management strategy and provide direction for future groundwater management goals by evaluating, as data become available, the hydrologic, environmental, social, and economic impacts of groundwater withdrawals at various rates on the long-term sustainable levels for the aquifers of the Waccamaw Area. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs and requirements.


Prior to each renewal the Department reviews water use, change in water levels, and rainfall and drought data for the previous ten-year period. This information is used in conjunction with the Management Plan to identify areas of concern and drive policy information for the next five-year permitting cycle. The collected data, results, and recommendations are compiled into the Evaluation for the Capacity Use Area.  

2024 Permit Renewal for the Waccamaw Area

Groundwater Withdrawal Permits for the Waccamaw Area are due to expire October 31st, 2024. Section 49-5-100 of the Groundwater Use and Reporting Act states that withdrawers are required to apply for, obtain, and maintain an active Groundwater Withdrawal Permit in a designated Capacity Use Area. The application for Permit Renewal should be completed and returned by August 1, 2023. Letters [containing instructions] are sent to permitted users prior to the application due date. The application can also be accessed at the following: 

Sites that are active in the ePermitting system may submit the Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Application for renewal online at the following:


Groundwater Management Plan: Waccamaw Capacity Use Area Waccamaw Groundwater Evaluation 2024
Waccamaw Capacity Use Area: 2019 Renewal Year Assessment


Coordinator Contact

Pamela Wyant at (803) 898-0190