Groundwater Process and Plan Development

Effective management of our groundwater resource ensures:

  • Groundwater resources of the state are put to beneficial use to the fullest extent which they are capable;
  • Conservation and protection of the resource; and
  • Waste prevention while ensuring the development and long-term viability of the water resources.

Permitting groundwater withdrawals within the Capacity Use Areas is just one component of a groundwater management strategy.  As aquifers and the relative social and economic requirements of the state vary by area and region, local and/or groundwater management plans will be developed that balance all needs and interests. Sustainable development is the key guiding principle, where South Carolina's groundwater resources are managed so that development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Groundwater management plans will examine the following aspects of water use in the Capacity Use Area:

  • Groundwater sources currently utilized;
  • Current water demand by type and amount used;
  • Current aquifer storage and recovery and water reuse;
  • Population and growth projections;
  • Water demand projections;
  • Projected opportunities for aquifer storage and recovery, as well as water reuse;
  • Projected groundwater and surface water options; and,
  • Water conservation measures.

Input from stakeholders will be used during the groundwater management plan development.