Drinking Water Permitting and Monitoring - Overview

Safe public drinking water in South Carolina is accomplished through a "multiple barrier" approach. Tools utilized in this approach include source water protection, certified water treatment plant operators, routine sanitary surveys, monitoring, treatment design and plan review. A cooperative partnership of the SC DHEC Drinking Water Program staff, the US EPA and drinking water professionals throughout the State helps to ensure safe, high quality drinking water in South Carolina.

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DHEC routinely provides articles for use in the Water Envrionment Association of South Carolina (WEASC) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) publication, The Journal . The articles submitted to WEASC and AWWA are listed below.



  • Richard Welch, Jr. P.E., Manager, Drinking Water & Recreational Waters Compliance, (803) 898-3546
  • Wendi Smith, Program Manager, Drinking Water Compliance Monitoring Section, (803) 898-2382
  • Bridget Clarke, P.E., Manager, Construction Permitting, (803) 898-4239


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