Preparing for Evacuation

Know Your Zone

South Carolina residents and visitors can learn about hurricane evacuation zones and their vulnerability to storm surge on South Carolina’s coast. All coastal counties in South Carolina have adopted the Know Your Zone campaign as a way to let citizens know the best ways to prepare for the landfall of a major hurricane.

Find your hurricane evacuation zone, latest information and the official mobile app of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.

It's critical that you begin preparing for an evacuation as soon as you're aware that a large storm may be coming in your direction. If you wait for an evacuation order to be issued before beginning your preparation, it may be too late. You should put together an evacuation plan, make an Emergency Supply Kit and prepare your home for the storm.

During an evacuation or other declared emergency, the SC Department of Transportation (SC DOT) will operate a toll-free number for traffic and road conditions. Call 1-888-877-9151.

Evacuation zones, route maps, and updates can be found by visiting:

Most emergency shelters do not accept pets, so your evacuation plan needs to include your family pets. For more information on dealing with handling pets during an emergency, visit Making Plans for Family Pets.


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