Overview - B2 Breathe Better Anti-Idling Program


The B 2 (Breathe Better) program is an anti-idling/clean air campaign. The goal of B 2 is to help protect the health and safety of children by reducing harmful vehicle emissions around school campuses . Solutions involve the efforts of students, faculty, administration, staff, local government and community partners working together.

Why is vehicle idling a problem?

Mobile sources such as personal vehicles, school buses and delivery trucks are major contributors to air pollution in South Carolina. "Idling" means that a vehicle's engine is turned on but the vehicle is not in motion.

Idling wastes about 1/2 mile worth of fuel every minute and releases many harmful pollutants.

Why focus on school campuses?

Large numbers of vehicles idle on school campuses during daily arrival and dismissal . Students, parents, faculty, and bus drivers are exposed to higher levels of vehicle exhaust at these times. Exhaust may also be drawn into the air vents and accumulate inside the school building.

Children are more sensitive to air pollution than adults because they breathe more (relative to body size) and their lungs are still developing. Pollution from vehicle exhaust has been linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases, and increased risk of long-term health effects. Asthma in particular is a common chronic illness in children and a significant cause of school absences.




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