Waste Tire Haulers


A waste tire hauler is a person who transports more than fifteen (15) waste tires at any one time. Waste tire haulers in SC must obtain a registration prior to hauling. Waste tire means a whole tire that is no longer suitable for its originally intended purpose because of wear, damage, or defect. 

How do I apply?

Locate a DHEC approved tire recycling or processing facility that is willing and able to accept waste tires from you. Download the Facility Approval Form and have the accepting facility sign the form. This form must be completed before applying for a registration because it must be uploaded during the application process. Once you have a completed Facility Approval form, visit the ePermitting portal to create an account and complete the application. If you were previously a registered waste tire hauler, you will need to access your previous registration and submit a renewal. To find your previous registration, please follow these directions (PDF). For additional ePermitting support: access training modules or request assistance troubleshooting

Do I need to register if I am only transporting waste tires through South Carolina?

Yes, a waste tire hauler registration is required to transport waste tires through South Carolina. This requirement applies whether the entity is based in South Carolina or outside of the state. 

What if the disposal location is out of the state of South Carolina?

You need to register to transport waste tires through South Carolina. Download the “Facility Approval Form” and have it completed by the disposal location. This requirement applies whether the entity is based in South Carolina or outside of the state. 

Does this registration expire?

Yes, the SC Waste Tire Hauler Registration expires March 1 of each year. A renewal must be submitted at least 30 days before the expiration date. Each year you will need to submit the following via ePermitting:
•    An updated Facility Approval form
•    Waste Tire Hauler Annual Report 
•    Proof of current financial assurance, if applicable

What if I only need to haul tires for a one-time cleanup?

DHEC can process an application for a temporary registration. This registration is valid for 29 days.  Simply select temporary registration when asked which type of registration you are applying for.

Is there a fee for registration?

There is no fee to register as a waste tire hauler in SC. However, if you get paid to haul waste tires for others, a financial assurance mechanism in the amount of $10,000 is required (see below).

What is financial assurance?

Financial assurance is required of any waste tire hauler who hauls tires for compensation by other persons.  This financial assurance will be used when it is necessary to pay for clean-up or corrective action of an incident caused by the waste tire hauler. Proof of financial assurance must be submitted each time the registration is renewed.

The financial assurance mechanism must be completed before starting the application. A copy of the financial assurance mechanism must be uploaded in addition to the facility approval form during the application and the original must be mailed to DHEC:

BLWM - Division of Compliance & Enforcement
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201-1708

Some acceptable forms of financial assurance are below; please click the link to find the required wording of these financial assurance mechanisms. 
•    Assignment of Savings CD
•    Letter of Credit
•    Surety Bond

For additional information regarding financial assurance mechanisms, contact Lillian McFadden at (803) 898-0486.

What records do I need to keep as a waste tire hauler?

Waste tire haulers must track the transport of tires using a Waste Tire Hauler Manifest D-2738. The manifest must be signed by the waste tire generator, a representative at the collection/processing facility, and the waste tire hauler. Within 30 days of collecting waste tires from a location, the waste tire hauler shall provide a completed, final manifest to the waste tire generator, documenting delivery to a waste tire collection, processing, or disposal facility. Waste tire haulers must maintain a copy of completed manifests for three (3) years. 


For more information, contact Dimera Scotland in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Compliance Section at (803) 898-0546

Laws and Regulations

Regulation 61-107.3, SWM: Waste Tires (Subpart F Waste Tire Haulers)


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