Waste Tire Haulers

Anyone that transports 15 or more waste tires at one time in South Carolina must be registered as a waste tire hauler and must track the transport using a tire manifest form. This requirement applies whether the entity is based in South Carolina or outside of the state.

Waste tire haulers that haul tires for compensation by other persons must provide a financial assurance mechanism in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). This financial assurance mechanism is to be issued in favor of the Department and can consist of one or more of the approved mechanisms. Click here for additional information on financial assurance mechanisms. 

Waste Tire Hauler Registration Form


For more information, contact Dimera Scotland in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Compliance Section at (803) 898-0546

Laws and Regulations

Regulation 61-107.3, SWM: Waste Tires (Subpart F Waste Tire Haulers)


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