Former Hoechst Celanese Site - Updates

This webpage is no longer maintained. It may be useful as background information or to provide a historical perspective on a topic or project.  


March 2015 - Quarterly monitoring for the remediation of the chloroform plume will be conducted the week of March 2, 2015. Additionally, the new well installed at 611 Bruckner Road will be connected and the area west of Bruckner Road will be injected with lactate this same week.

December 2014 - Additional monitoring wells have recently been installed south of Interstate I-85 and west of Bruckner Road to further delineate and monitor the chloroform plume from the Hoechst Celanese site.  The annual DMT area monitoring event is scheduled to take place the week of December 15, 2014.

December 2012 - The contractor for Hoechst Celanese, AECOM, will be on-site during the second and third weeks of December installing additional monitoring wells to further delineate the off-site chloroform groundwater contamination from the Hoechst Celanese site.  The work plan for the additional wells was submitted and approved by DHEC in August 2012.