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This webpage is no longer maintained. It may be useful as background information or to provide a historical perspective on a topic or project.  

DHEC Decision on Voluntary Cleanup Contracts

After careful consideration of all comments received, DHEC has officially entered into Voluntary Cleanup Contracts (VCCs) with Associated Asphalt for the Seaco, Inc. and former Bagnal Builders properties located on Commerce Drive and South Edisto Avenue.

The VCCs require Associated Asphalt to perform more testing of soil and groundwater on the properties in exchange for liability protection for any existing contamination that is discovered, excluding that which would be attributed to asphalt or asphalt emulsion production, storage or transport. If significant contamination is found on the properties, Associated Asphalt will be required to take steps to protect human health and the environment and keep the properties safe for industrial re-use.

The final VCCs, written comments received, a summary of DHEC's responses, and other information pertaining to the VCC for each site are included here.

DHEC appreciates the comments and concerns expressed during the public comment period and remains committed to keeping the Edisto Court and Rosewood Communities updated about ongoing investigations and any environmental remediation at the Seaco, Inc. and Former Bagnal Builders sites. This will be done primarily through this website.

For additional information or questions about environmental issues in the Edisto Court or Rosewood Communities, please contact Karen Sprayberry, DHEC Community Liaison, at (803) 896-9730 or Donna Moye, DHEC Public Participation Coordinator, at (803) 896-4281.

Community Meeting

A public meeting to discuss the proposed VCCs and accept comments was held on August 28, 2012, at A.C. Moore Elementary School, located in the Rosewood Community. The meeting enabled DHEC staff to talk with citizens about the Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) and the benefits of additional environmental assessments that would be required of each site under a VCC. (An initial environmental assessment, as required by the VCP, previously revealed the presence of elevated levels of arsenic and lead in soil at the Seaco, Inc. site.) The meeting also gave citizens the opportunity to voice concerns, provide written comments and ask questions about the proposed VCCs. Mr. Sam Cannon, the owner of Associated Asphalt Columbia, LLC, also attended the meeting to discuss and answer questions about continued operations at both of the sites.

DHEC extended the public comment period until September 11, 2012, so that written comments could be submitted after the meeting.