Seaco Site - Permitting

This webpage is no longer maintained. It may be useful as background information or to provide a historical perspective on a topic or project.  

On May 24, 2012, DHEC received a letter requesting that all air permits related to Colprovia Asphalts and Seaco, Inc. be transferred to Associated Asphalt Columbia. The Department transferred air permit 9900-0025 from "Colprovia Asphalts, Division of Seaco, Inc." to "Associated Asphalt Columbia, LLC t/a Colprovia Asphalts".

Associated Asphalt Columbia, LLC t/a Colprovia Asphalts (Colprovia) is a 130 TPH drum mix asphalt plant located at 1119 Airport Boulevard, Columbia, SC. Colprovia, a cold mix asphalt plant, is equipped with a venturi scrubber and a 27.1 x 106 BTU/hr natural gas / No. 2 fuel oil fired dryer burner.

Seaco, an asphalt emulsions facility, is located at 2700 William Tuller Drive, Columbia, SC. Seaco operates a 4.185 x 106 BTU/hr natural gas/No. 2 fuel oil fired boiler (B-2) and was permitted as a minor source. S.C. Regulation 61-62.1, Section II (B)(2)(h) exempts sources with an uncontrolled potential to emit less than 5 tons per year. Boiler B-2 is now an exempt source; therefore, Seaco is now classified as an exempt facility.

On January 12, 2012, Colprovia requested to renew its Conditional Major Operating Permit. In accordance with current regulatory eligibility requirements, the facility is now eligible for coverage under the General Conditional Major Operating Permit for Asphalt Plants (coverage requested on April 2, 2015).

The Bureau has determined that Colprovia and Seaco are co-located for air permitting purposes based on its understanding of the following: (1) Colprovia and Seaco are located within a quarter mile of each other (contiguous/adjacent properties); (2) the SIC code for each facility is 2951 and the corresponding NAICS code is 324121 (same industrial grouping); and (3) both facilities are under the ownership of Associated Asphalt Columbia (common control).

Therefore, both plants are permitted collectively under one permit as 'Associated Asphalt Columbia'.  As stated above, Seaco's equipment is listed as exempt sources.

Comprehensive Inspections and Odor Investigations

Since issuance of its last operating permit, DHEC has conducted six comprehensive inspections at Colprovia with no violations observed. Seaco has undergone three comprehensive inspections with no violations observed.

The Department has also conducted inspections of Colprovia and Seaco in response to odor complaints. On August 24, 2012, the Department approved a request from Associated Asphalt Columbia to install an odor control system on the storage tanks at its Seaco facility. Tanks have been modified to include a carbon canister filtration system to minimize the odor.  Canisters will be replaced when their absorption ability meets its threshold.

Source Test Requirements

Associated Asphalt Columbia is subject to the source test requirements outlined in S.C. Regulation 61-62.5, Standard No. 4, Section XII - Periodic Testing: the owner/operator of an asphalt plant shall perform scheduled periodic tests for particulate matter emissions every two (2) years.  Reports of the last 10 stack tests conducted at Colprovia are listed below: