Notice of Termination

S.C. DHEC requires that a Notice of Termination to be submitted on all active coverage approvals under the NPDES permitting program when the site reaches the final stabilization status, when the associated property is sold, when coverage under an alternative NPDES permit has been obtained, or (in the case of coverage under the Industrial General Permit) when activities are no longer present that would require a stormwater NPDES permit.

All construction activities covered under the Construction General Permit are required to submit Form DHEC 2610 to the Department in order to notify that the permit authorizing stormwater discharges meets the requirements for termination.

Some construction related discharges incorporate a detention basin or other permanent outlet structures to help manage their stormwater runoff. These structures require the submittal of as-builts in addition to the Notice of Termination.

Industrial activities are required to submit Form 2609 when the associated property is sold or when the associated activities are no longer discharging stormwater.


Information on how to apply for coverage extension and when an extension should be requested.


Information on when, what, and how to appropriately modify an approved stormwater management plan.

Final Stabilization

Information on how to reach final stabilization, when it needs to be achieved, and what needs to be done after stabilization is complete.

Please See the As-Built Section for Specific Requirements.


Environment Stormwater