Stormwater Permitting Fees

Submitting the correct stormwater review fees is essential to ensure timely reviews by S.C. DHEC's staff, for the official review clock is not started until all fees have been paid. On the occasion that the proper fees have not been submitted or if the submitted payment cannot be processed, S.C. DHEC will notify the Project Owner/Operator as an effort to correct the error in the as fast as possible.

Industrial Activities

For all new Industrial Notice of Intents, an administrative fee of $75.00 is required to process the application. An annual fee of $75.00 to keep coverage under the Industrial Permit will be billed to each permittee.

Construction Activities Fees

Construction activities requiring coverage under S.C. DHEC's General Permit must submit a $125 standard review fee plus an additional $10 per 1/10 of an acre up to a maximum of $2000. (The overall maximum fee for a standard construction review is $2125.)

Industrial - No Exposure Fee

Industrial Facilities applying for the no exposure certification must include a $350.00 fee with application.

Stormwater Construction fees are often submitted incorrectly due to the fluctuating fee associated with the amount of disturbed acreage. For this reason, a few reminders are listed below to help aid in the determination of the overall review fee.

  1. Determine the Disturbed Area for the proposed site to the nearest tenth.
  2. For each tenth of an acre add an additional $10 fee to the base review fee of $125 dollars.
  3. The maximum possible review fee for any standard construction stormwater project is $2125.

For those interested in pursueing the option of expedited reviews for Construction Stormwater Projects please see the Expedited Review Page for more information on applicable fees and additional requirements.


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