Emissions Inventory Data - Electronic Reporting Guidance

SLEIS Training & Resources

The Emissions Inventory training for SLEIS and 2021 emissions reporting was held through Microsoft Teams on Thursday, February 3. This webinar focused on the new version of SLEIS being used and the requirements to submit your data. The links to the webinars are:

February 3, 2022 - Advanced Overview

February 18, 2021 - Basic Detailed Introduction

2022 EI Webinar Slides (2021 data) (pdf)

Template Letter for 2021 Title V Emissions Reporting (pdf)

Electronic Subscriber Agreement (pdf) - *Updated*
Application Form/Agreement for Certifiers (Signatory) SLEIS access

SLEIS Training Slides (pdf)
Information on gathering your data & performing calculation

SLEIS Home Page
Data Gathering Tool

SLEIS Training Video Playlist
SCDHEC YouTube Channel

HAPs of Primary Concern (pdf)
Table of HAPs to report at any level (i.e., no de minimis) within your facility. All other HAPs are not required to be reported (but will be accepted) if less than 200 lbs facility-wide

Control Device Downtime Example (pdf)
Example of how to account for Control Device downtime in the Inventory

Source Test Guidance (pdf)

Multisource Test Calculator Tool (xls)
Spreadsheet template that assists in calculating emissions using results of a Department-approved source test. Please note that all templates are examples for use at your discretion only. Feel free to download & modify for your needs

Example Multisource Test Calculator Modification #1 for Coal and Woodwaste Boilers (xls)
This template includes MMBTU and Condensable Particulate Matter (PM) calculations

Example Multisource Test Calculator Modification #2 for Multiple Sources (xls)
n alternative source test calculation template

Fuel Oil Template (xls)
A template to calculate particulate emissions from #6 Fuel Oil including condensable PM

Stationary RICE Factor Tool

Stationary RICE Instructions (pdf)

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