Emissions Estimating Tools

Emission Estimating Tools

Multisource Test Calculator Tool (xls)
Spreadsheet template that assists in calculating emissions using results of a Department-approved source test. Please note that all templates are examples for use at your discretion only. Feel free to download & modify for your needs

Example Multisource Test Calculator Modification #1 for Coal and Woodwaste Boilers (xls)
This template includes MMBTU and Condensable Particulate Matter (PM) calculations

Example Multisource Test Calculator Modification #2 for Multiple Sources (xls)
n alternative source test calculation template

Fuel Oil Template (xls)
A template to calculate particulate emissions from #6 Fuel Oil including condensable PM

Stationary RICE Factor Tool

Stationary RICE Instructions (pdf)

5th edition by Chapter

Emission Inventory Improve Program (EIIP)
Preferred Methods of estimating emissions from point sources (BAQ staff implement these methods in developing emission estimates)

FIRE for Windows®

Rule Effectiveness Help (pdf)
"How to Incorporate the Effects of Control Device Efficiencies and Malfunctions into Emissions Inventory Estimates."

Software to assist those preparing inventories

Landfill Air Emissions Estimation Model

Storage Tank Emissions - TANKS for Windows®

Waste Water Treatment Plants - WATER9 Model

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