Orthodontic Program

Orthodontic and related services are available to children with conditions of the face, jaw, mouth or teeth that affect normal functioning. Program services are limited to children with severe impairments that will lead to worsening health conditions if not corrected. Unfortunately, we cannot assist all children who may benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residency
  • South Carolina residency
  • Initial approval for services made before age 16
  • Household income at or below 250% Federal Poverty Level (pdf) or Medicaid coverage
  • An orthodontist must determine presence of a functional impairment that meets qualifications established by DHEC. Eligibility must be confirmed by the DHEC Division of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs orthodontic consultant.


  • Payment for recommended orthodontic treatment
  • Payment for dental or other services needed in addition to orthodontic treatment to correct the functional impairment
  • Monitoring progress with child and parent or guardian to assure best possible outcomes.

How to Apply

Contact nearest regional CYSHCN office for detailed information and instructions.


If you have questions about getting services for your child with special needs, please contact your nearest regional CYSHCN office.

  • Oral Health for Families with Special Health Care Needs (pdf)
    This resource guide was developed by the DHEC'S Division of Oral Health and MUSC College of Dental Medicne through funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The booklet is designed to give parents and caregivers tips on keeping their child's or teen's mouth healthy taking into account the challenges that exist for those with special needs. In addition to parents, the booklet would also be a good resource for schools, homeschool associations, parent and community outreach programs as well dental and medical offices. A Spanish version of the guide is also available.

Info for Health care Providers

Orthodontic Services Policy Orthodontic Services Fee Schedule Orthodontic Referral and Screening Form (DHEC 0762) Orthodontic Treatment Plan Form (DHEC 0911) Orthodontia Provider Manual

Orthodontia Provider Training/Updates 7/2020 
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Updated: 7/15/2020